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Abdominoplasty: Patient 26

Abdominoplasty: Patient 26

Abdominoplasty: Patient 26

I see so many ladies who come in to see me requesting liposuction of their belly. They want lipo, or smartlipo, or ultrasound lipo when in fact they need a different procedure altogether. Liposuction is great for fat; the problem is that often the problem on the abdominal wall is not just fat but loose separated muscles (diastasis) or stretched out skin. After weight loss and pregnancies this three pronged approach to abdominal rejuvenation is often needed. This patient had liposuction elsewhere. She then came to see me still concerned that she looked pregnant. She looked pregnant because of the separation of her muscles. She had a tummy tuck which tightened her muscles, removed fat, and removed excess skin.

Tummy Tuck before and afters from Dr. Evan Sorokin at Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery. To find out how an abdominoplasty procedure can help your abdomen look flatter and firmer, request a consultation.

  • Technique: Abdominoplasty with Diastasis Muscle Repair
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