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Breast Lift And Augmentation: Patient 43

Breast Lift And Augmentation: Patient 43

Breast Lift And Augmentation: Patient 43

This lovely 23 year old came in not only wanting larger breasts, but looking for more symmetry.  Her right breast points downward and is lower.  I explained that simply placing implants would accentuate this and not correct it.  We discussed a mastopexy to get better symmetry and move areolae higher on the chest wall.   Here she is shown before and after vertical (lollipop) mastopexy with Allergan SoftTouch 295cc SSF implants. (tattoos blurred for privacy.)

  • Age: Under 25 years old
  • Weight: Between 125 and 135 pounds
  • Height: 5'0" to 5'3"
  • Gender: Female
  • Post-op Timeline: 5 weeks
  • Implant Type: Highly Cohesive Gel
  • Implant Shape: Round
  • Volume: Between 250cc and 300cc
  • Implant Placement: Submuscular
  • Pre-Surgery Bra Size: B
  • Post-Surgery Bra Size: C
  • Technique: Vertical (lollipop) Silicone Mastopexy
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